Is it Flying Drones Legal?

In the age of technology, the flying drone has become just another consumer electronic that may be purchased for personal and private use.

These devices have the ability to fly over a person’s residence and record activity. With the adoption of these machines in everyday life with the possibility they may be used commercially, privacy is becoming less possible for individuals in the country. Because they are loud with cameras on many of them, these tools often intrude on quiet time and private conversations. The concern of these persons is whether this is an invasion of privacy and if there are laws that prohibit the activity of using a drone over someone else’s property.

Before laws changed, the owner of a property had the right to do anything he or she liked on the land. However, the modern era has changed all this with plumbing and electricity. Unfortunately, the legislation implemented throughout the country has not as of yet caught up with the technology of the drone. These small hovering and flying devices often have cameras or sound equipment to

Info A Cautionary Tale: Insurance Adjusters and Personal Injury Cases

After an accident, the victim usually must deal with an insurance agency that sends an adjuster to interview the injured party and gather all the facts and details surrounding the incident to determine how much compensation must be provide to be sufficient and avoid litigation if possible.

However, these adjusters are not friends or on the side of the accident victim. They are attached to the case to ensure the most money allocated to the individual of the incident is just enough to avoid a lawsuit. However, some insurance companies do not concern themselves with a suit and only provide so much money no matter the circumstances. It is important to know what to look for and how to move forward to ensure sufficient funds are received in these situations.

The insurance company attached to the incident is usually the agency of the driver responsible for the accident. This means they have added incentive to ensure less money is provided to the victim. In many instances, there is only so much that may be allocated based on the policy. This means once

Photographing of the Scene of an Accident Can Preserve Evidence

When the victim of a car accident has initiated a case for compensation, he or she may be advised that it is best to ensure there is photographic evidence to strengthen the claim.

This may come from family, friends or a legal professional. Images of the scene, the vehicles involved, the road conditions and any other factors surrounding the incident are important to assist in proving that the responsible party is not the victim of the accident. The legal representative that has been hired may have this person provide this evidence, or he or she may travel to the impounded vehicles to obtain the proof after the cars have been taken away.

Supporting the position of the victim is often accomplished through providing physical evidence of the incident through photographs. When the accident is caused through the reckless or careless actions of another, this proof usually ensures a stronger case may be made to seek compensation. Because circumstances often change swiftly, it is vital to obtain these photographs as soon as possible. This is because the scene of the accident may

Meaning Of “Assumption of Risk”

There are many circumstances that may result in a loss for a case long before the incident passes through the first stage of legal processes. These situations may include what is referred to as an assumption of risk.

This means the person that has been injured has been informed or is aware that there could be danger enough to become harmed in the process. Typically when this applies to a case the assumption of risk is a legal doctrine and may, in some cases, involve a document signed by the plaintiff in the claim. Because of the doctrine or paperwork, the person suing his or her friend or acquaintance has a much lower chance of succeeding.

Assumption of risk is usually used when the victim has been injured by outside forces such as an animal bite, hazardous circumstances on the grounds of a property and when someone gets on an amusement ride when he or she saw others riding the same item. The person that was injured in the accident assumed that there could be a possibility of harm even if it appeared to be safe. The incident that transpires was already known by the plaintiff, and the person

The Real Estate Lawyer Do in a Purchase or Sale of a Home

Some people who are buying or selling their home may try to minimize the cost associated with the transaction by foregoing using a lawyer’s services.

However, real estate transactions often represent the most expensive transaction that a person makes. Spending the extra funds to ensure that the job is done right is often a prudent choice. Real estate lawyers help in the following ways when you are purchasing or selling a home:

Contract Drafting and Review

Real estate lawyers memorialize the terms of the agreement into a formal contract. They can ensure that certain provisions are contained in the contract that protect their client’s interests as well as to make sure that state laws are complied with. They can also address certain issues that may arise, such as purchasing a lease-back by the seller, handling existing tenants, using the property for certain uses in the future and include contingencies to protect the client.

Many documents will manifest during the course of a purchase and sale of a home. Lawyers will carefully review all of these documents and not simply take the lender’s word for what the document is stating. If there is any troubling wording or legal issue that arises, he

Immediate of Eviction Is Virtually Impossible under Massachusetts Law

Tenants may picture themselves as suddenly homeless when subjected to the eviction process. In Massachusetts, the law includes many complex requirements that extend the process longer than most people might expect.

With some relatively rare exceptions, Massachusetts tenants can take comfort in knowing that they cannot suddenly find themselves on the streets due to a sudden eviction. The law actually extends the full process for a period that can range from more than a month to as many as six months under specific circumstances.

Unless tenants can quickly clear up the issues directly with the landlord, an experienced eviction defense lawyer can help protect tenant rights during the process — or avoid eviction altogether.

Understanding the Important Dates Within the Eviction Process

Through the years, Massachusetts legislators illustrated their dedication to tenant protection by initiating many laws that virtually eliminate any surprises that might leave them living in unsafe conditions or finding themselves homeless. This is why eviction requires a series of steps that help ensure fairness and typically delay the process.

Tenants with leases who suspect that they might face eviction for any reason need to know some important dates, as follows:

• Receipt of a Notice to Quit is

The Aggravated Felony in the Immigration Context

Section 101(a)(43) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) defines “aggravated felonies” in immigration law. Each of the aggravated felony provisions describes a crime or crimes in broad terms.

The following is a list of the immigration aggravated felonies found in section 101(a)(43) (list courtesy of 12 USCIS-PM F.4(B):

– A. Murder, Rape, or Sexual Abuse of a Minor
– B. Illicit Trafficking in Controlled Substance
– C. Illicit Trafficking in Firearms or Destructive Devices
– D. Money Laundering Offenses (over $10,000)
– E. Explosive Materials and Firearms Offenses
-F. Crime of Violence (imprisonment term of at least one year)

– G. Theft Offense (imprisonment term of at least one year)
– H. Demand for or Receipt of Ransom
– I. Child Pornography Offense
– J. Racketeering, Gambling (imprisonment term of at least one year)
– K. Prostitution Offense (managing, transporting, trafficking)
– L. Gathering or Transmitting Classified Information
– M. Fraud or Deceit Offenses or Tax Evasion (over $10,000)
– N. Alien Smuggling
– O. Illegal Entry or Reentry by Removed Aggravated Felon
– P. Passport Document Fraud (imprisonment term of at least one year)
– Q. Failure to Appear Sentence (offense punishable by at

Freight Forwarding now as Brokering Activity

In August 2013, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (“DDTC”) published an interim final rule that clarified some aspects of the requirement for broker registration under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”).

The rule provides that a broker is any person that engages in the business of “brokering activities” and is 1) a U.S. person, 2) a foreign person in the U.S., or 3) a foreign person outside of the U.S. under the control of a U.S. person, e.g., a foreign subsidiary controlled by a U.S. parent corporation. “Brokering activities” means “any action on behalf of another to facilitate the manufacture, export, permanent import, transfer, reexport, or retransfer of a U.S. or foreign defense article or defense service, regardless of its origin.” Examples of brokering activity include financing, insuring, transporting, or freight forwarding defense articles and defense services. Based on these examples of brokering activities, it would seem that a freight forwarder would be engaged in brokering activities and would therefore be required to register with DDTC. However, there is an exemption in the rule at § 129.3(b)(2) that states the registration requirement does not apply to “Persons exclusively in the business of financing, insuring, transporting, customs

Now Private Investigator on Cellphone Spyware

There are all types of various private investigator tools that can help track information, including cellphone spyware. These tools may help private investigators monitor a target’s activity. However, using such programs may not always be legal.

What Is Cellphone Spyware?

Cellphone spyware is an app or software that is installed by a third party so that the third party can monitor activity on the cellphone. Typically, this software enables the third party to record conversations, track the phone user’s location and monitor additional data that is used on the cell phone.

Reasons to Use Spyware

Many people who are interested in using cellphone spyware do it because they are afraid that their spouse is cheating or they otherwise want to spy on their romantic partner. Parents may use cellphone spyware to learn about who their child is talking to, what websites the child is accessing, what types of pictures the minor is sending and where the child is located. Companies that provide their employees with business cell phones may use this type of program to track employee movements, anticipate legal problems, monitor their use and anticipate possible problems.

Capabilities of Cellphone Spyware

Cellphone spyware may allow a person to monitor text

Difficulties in Factory Registration at Egypt

The new ministerial decrees 991/2015 and 43/2016 issued by the Minister of Trade introduced new measures concerning the registration and certification requirements of the qualified factories/companies which export their products to Egypt.

According to the above-mentioned decrees any foreign factory or company, which exports any of the regulated products is obliged to submit the requested documents (after translating into Arabic and legalizing up to the Egyptian consulate in the exporting country) to the General Organization for Import and Export Control (GOEIC). Such measures represent some difficulties to foreign companies exporting to Egypt due to the complexity of the process. Further, failure in submitting the right authorized documents leads to the rejection of the factory/company file by GOEIC. This article aims to highlight some difficulties that face foreign companies in the registration process.

List of Products

The factory should issue this document on its printed papers, letterhead to mention the factory products, their brand and trademark. Simply, this list is to clarify if such products is among the regulated products or not, it should be real, valid and legalized.

Certificate of the legal entity of the manufacturer and the license of the factory

It is an official certificate of the legal

Some Overview of License Defense for a Physician

[P]rofessional discipline for a physician [involves] the process by which your medical license comes under attack and your defense of it.

Violation. The process of professional discipline starts with your violation of law. California statutes contain a large list of prohibitions for physicians, the violation of which triggers professional discipline against the physician’s license. Some examples include:

o Excessive use of alcohol or drugs,
o Billing fraud,
o Dishonesty,
o Disciplinary action taken against you by other regulatory agencies,
o Unprofessional conduct, which includes, among other generalities, violation of a provision of the Medical Practice Act.

Notice that these violations incorporate other laws, and also disciplinary action taken against you by other agencies. This creates an infinite pool of possible violations. The laws applicable to physicians are voluminous and growing, with most of the laws being unknown to you and everyone else, but your violation of any one of them can start the process of professional discipline.

Reporting. The CA Medical Board learns of your violation from a number of sources, including from informants (beware employees). CA law also requires reporting from certain persons. For example,

o A physician must report his own felony charge, or misdemeanor or felony conviction.

Information Is That a Patent, Trademark or Copyright?

If you wouldn’t know a patent if one bit you [1], you are not alone. Most of the public doesn’t know the difference, and there are lawyers who are uncertain of the differences. Today, though, you are lucky enough to have this article in front of you to learn the difference. Bear in mind, however, this is just an overview. If you want to know more, refer to the footnotes.


First – a patent provides a patent owner with the exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter throughout the United States.[2] In other words, if the idea isn’t a process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter that can be made, used, offered for sale or sold, a patent won’t cover it.


Second – a trademark is a word, term, name, symbol, or device, or any combination thereof used to distinguish the goods or services of one person in commerce from the goods or services of another person.[3] So, if the idea is used as a brand of a company’s goods or services, it is a trademark.


Third – copyright applies to literary works, musical

Non-Disclosure of Agreements for Startups

Protecting intellectual property is important for a startup business, but private business information should also remain within the business. Non-disclosure agreements are one way a new startup can protect itself.

Non-public information that should be protected by a non-disclosure agreement includes not only research and development, but time lines, internal communications, client lists, marketing plans, private information held by human resources, and any other business or employee information that would cause harm or loss if disclosed inappropriately.

For a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to be bin

ding, it needs to be legal, enforceable, and usually in writing.  But, according to attorney Jake Posey, the people signing need to do so while not under duress or undue influence. It needs to spell out specifically the information that is protected and cannot be disclosed. It also needs to detail consequences if the NDA is breached.

Legality of an NDA means the provisions cannot direct the signer to break the law or overlook a crime or public health or safety hazard. An employee is both required by law and protected from retaliation if he or she reports a crime such as embezzlement or fraud. If that disclosure to law enforcement

Startup For Ready to Talk to Angel Investors

Startup businesses need to have their financial, regulatory, organizational, and intellectual property ducks in a row before planning for any capital fund-raising. Angel investors are offering capital funding in exchange for equity ownership. Competition for startup funding is fierce, and risk is high for investors. Below are some of the questions you can expect from investors.

Leadership and Management
• Are the founders still part of the leadership team?
• Is there a founder’s agreement in place that details how much of the company equity each founder owns and under what circumstances that capital can be liquidated?
• Who are your key leaders and what experience do they have in the industry?
• How to you plan to scale up leadership and management with acapital expansion?

Intellectual Property
• Have you secured intellectual property rights?
• Is there anyone outside of the company who can claim rights to any part of your intellectual property?
• Do you have a prototype or demonstration model?

• What regulatory agencies have authority to oversee your business and product, and what have you done to secure regulatory approvals?

Market and Competition
• What is your market and your market share?
• Who is your

Info Law on Drugs in the UAE

The UAE is a Muslim country and illicit drugs are strictly forbidden. Drug offences are severely punished including by imprisonment and deportation after the jail term has been served. Here are five points to consider in relation to drugs laws in the country, in order to ensure you stay on the right side of the law:

1.) Often drugs that would be legal in your home country will wind up on the list of prohibited drugs in the UAE. Consult the list of banned substances before taking any drugs into the country or consuming inside the UAE.

2.) Possession of medicines like sleeping pills, painkillers and antidepressants can be illegal in the country without a proper prescription from a UAE doctor. Consult a doctor before taking any such medication.

3.) Care should be taken when reentering the country from outside to ensure there are no traces of any drug – legal or otherwise in the country visited – as the smallest infraction can attract very harsh penalties.

4.) Even transiting through the UAE one should take care to ensure all medications are accompanied with a proper prescription. It may be wise to carry with a translated and attested prescription

What Will Be Happens When a Bicyclist Gets Hit by a Car Turning Right

Bicycle accidents often can result in some extremely serious injuries. At times, they can even be fatal.

There are a number of injuries that can stem from a right turn accident. Head injuries are one of the most common, and the resulting brain injuries can be devastating. If driver negligence is found during a lawsuit, then the compensation for a brain injury can rightfully be substantial, usually much more than you’d get from the initial payout offer from an insurance company.

If you are the victim of a car striking you on your bicycle, remain as alert as possible and get medical attention even if it doesn’t appear you have injuries. Remember, avoiding the doctor is a sign to the other party that you don’t think you need to be compensated for any medical bills. But injuries can sometimes sneak up slowly, manifesting noticeably only after it’s too late.

Bystanders: if you witness such an accident, be sure to offer to be a witness and give your contact information to the victim. Cooperate with the police at the time of the accident and give your contact information.

There are a lot of things that have to happen after a

News A Legal Way for a Non-resident to Pay in Currency Buying Property in Ukraine

More and more foreigners are considering a possibility to buy property in Ukraine, particularly in large and popular among foreigners cities like Lviv and Kyiv, as capital investment or as a place of temporary residence.

Specificity of currency regulation in Ukraine may make it harder to pay because in Ukraine payments can be made only in Ukrainian hryvnias, however, under certain conditions, a foreigner may pay in currency for purchased property in Ukraine. This article will consider how and when it is possible.

Recently, more and more foreigners are considering a possibility to buy property in Ukraine, pa

Particularly in large and popular among foreigners cities like Lviv and Kyiv, as capital investment or as a place of temporary residence. One reason for this purchase is that real estate in Ukraine has very attractive price and there is an option to buy a large apartment in historical area in relatively low cost. Specificity of currency regulation in Ukraine may make it harder to pay because in Ukraine payments can be made only in Ukrainian hryvnias, however, under certain conditions, a foreigner may pay in currency for purchased property in Ukraine. This article will consider how

This 5 Tips to Fight Traffic Ticket in New Jersey

Getting a traffic ticket in New Jersey is a difficult situation. It generates a kind of tension even before you haven’t really started dealing with it. A traffic ticket can cause you a lot of confusions.

There are several things to be taken care while fighting a traffic ticket. Many drivers forget these aspects leading themselves to have a traffic ticket.

You need to respect the police officer because he is the one who can avoid a ticket. If you get a traffic ticket, review it properly.
Afterward, make a note of your surrounding relating to your violation. Find eye witnesses from your location and be sure that all your doubts are clarified.

Take a look at these 5 tips to fight a traffic ticket in New Jersey.

1. Be Respectful:

Calm down the moment you get a traffic ticket. Getting on the nerves of the officer can cost you a lot. Don’t be aggressive with your intent, speak respectfully.

Try to understand the matter with discipline. Avoid speaking harshly as it becomes easier for an officer to charge you further. Questioning the lawyer is absolutely fine. But, exhibiting your anger cannot help you from avoiding a traffic ticket. People release their anger,

Property for Purchasing in Italy for Foreign Citizens

Despite the fluctuations in the markets across Europe in recent years, statistics suggest that there is an increase in investment in the Italian real estate market on the part of foreign investors.  Italy has always had a powerful charm, enticing people to its shores from all over the globe.  The lure of the wonderful climate, unique history and culture, not to mention the fabulous cuisine and wines, all combine to make Italy a superb choice for a holiday or retirement property.

Tuscany, Sicily and Sardinia appear to rank higher in the preferences of foreign investors.  British citizens are among those who have shown particular interest in real estate investment in Italy.  Property purchase in Italy need not be any more stressful than buying in the UK with the right professional advisors by your side.  There are considerable variations in the  process of property purchase

in Italy compared with that in the UK and it is wise to be aware of the differences in the procedure before you start out.

The term “foreign” describes both EU and non-EU citizens and incorporates non-EU citizens legally residing in Italy.   Such citizens have the right to purchase a property

The Construction Disputes

When a dispute over payment or performance interferes with a construction project or the use of a piece of real estate, all parties involved must critically assess their options with regard to negotiating a settlement or protecting their interests at trial.

For architects, engineers, developers, contractors, subcontractors, property owners and other parties involved in construction projects, a lot needs to go right in order for their project to reach completion without leading to a dispute. From scheduling delays to payment and surety bond issues, one problem will often lead to several others—creating a hostile set of circumstances that is ripe for litigation.

Of course, parties to construction contracts and others involved major development projects will often be able to resolve their differences amicably—and a negotiated resolution will often be in the best interests of all parties. But, depending upon the specific circumstances and parties involved, in some cases going to court will be the only option. With this in mind, here are five examples of construction-related disputes that will often lead to complex litigation:

1. Construction Defects

When a property owner claims that a structure is unsafe or has not been built according to specification, this can lead to complex litigation